SAVAR FROM Telegraph Nepal  Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary affairs Narahari Acharya has said that the bill registered by the government in the parliament on ‘CONTEMPT OF COURT’ was not aimed to limit freedom of speech and freedom of press. Minister Acharya had REGISTERED the bill, June 9, 2014, in the parliament which if passed […]

Nepali Musical Instruments

Music is inevitable in Nepali culture. The music starts from birth of a baby to the death of a man. Each CULTURAL custom has its association with music, song, dance and musical instruments. Musical instruments have different variety and types according to the places, communities, festivals and religions. The music is played from Mountain to Hill and Hill […]

About NEPALI Music

Nepal Music The rhythm, beats, bounce of Nepali traditional folk and classical music is SPIRITUAL enough to sooth you and entertainingenough to cheer you. Music is associated with every event in Nepal, then be it birth, marriage, festivals or National events. Various songs, musical instruments and dances are connected with various religious, SOCIAL and cultural life of the Nepalese. […]

Musical Journey

Musical Journey Remember you can achieve anything with a good attitude, and the willingness to do something. If you believe it enough one day you can hear your song playing in the radio or you can be a future music TEACHER. You may find it that playing an instrument or singing a high note may come […]